Cute, Casual Storage by Joel Nolan

It often seems that most storage pieces brought into the home are done so with serious intentions. They are usually purchased to fulfill an important storage need, and usually put to work as soon as they enter the home. There’s something awfully adorable and casual about incorporating pieces that are free to fill up on their own time, though, and Joel Nolan’s a master of creating these types of furniture items.

There’s something charmingly retro about Joel Nolan’s work, even though he custom makes them today. Small, charming, lovingly hand made; we love his work because they feel like items you might stumble on in a beloved vintage store and love forever. There’s a lot of personality in these pieces for sure.

Though he’s created all types of furniture (tables, chairs, benches and more), we really are enamored with his smaller pieces we call casual storage, so named because like mentioned before the jump, this is the sort of storage you fill up slowly and without much intent. Though that could potentially be a bad thing, we really like having little pieces for small displays or quick storage sprinkled around the house. And the unique look of these items means you’ll want to hang on to these for a long time (maybe even until they become vintage themselves!).

What do you think about the idea of serious versus casual storage? Do you have some pieces of furniture in your place designated for serious, organized storage? And some pieces that are a little more casually oriented towards stuff accumulation? Let us know!