How to Turn Your Pup’s Poncho into a Cute Costume

published Sep 29, 2016
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If you’re donning a Dali-inspired Lobster Costume this Halloween, then your sidekick should be something that brings out your best—that’s right—glorious butter. Painting a store-bought poncho makes this costume completely no-sew, and guarantees a perfect fit. Laid-back pooches, like our office dog Zuzu (above), won’t mind getting topped off with a silly butter pat hat. Combined, you two will make a delectable duo.

(Image credit: Christopher Broe)

A short note on safety: Choose a poncho that fits your pup and that she feels comfortable in. When tying on that adorable hat, make sure the elastic ties are secure, but not too tight. Your pet’s health and happiness are way more important than winning the puppy parade.

What You’ll Need

  • Yellow dog poncho, such as this RC Pets rain poncho, from $10
  • Letter stencils (optional), like these Helvetica ones from Michaels, $6
  • Red craft paint and paintbrush
  • 6″ x 4″ x 2″ piece of styrofoam, cut from this Smoothfoam Block from Michaels, $4
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • 7″ x 9″ piece of gold metallic paper
  • Craft glue
  • 24″ thin yellow elastic, such as this one from Pacific Trimming, $1.50 per yard
  • 2″ circle of yellow felt


(Image credit: Christopher Broe)

1. Using a pencil, lightly stencil the word “BUTTER” onto each side of the poncho. With a ruler, draw a box in the middle of the poncho, along with small dashes for the tablespoon markings on each side. Fill in the letters with red craft paint and paint over the measurement markings. Let dry.

2. Make the butter pat hat: Wrap the styrofoam in two sheets of yellow tissue paper, as you would wrap a present. Crumble up the gold metallic paper, open it up, and glue the wrapped box in the center of the white side of the paper.

(Image credit: Christopher Broe)

2. Lay the elastic across the center of the gold side of the paper. Glue the felt circle on top, sandwiching the elastic between the felt and paper. Allow to dry completely before tying the hat onto your dog’s head.

Pair With:

(Image credit: Christopher Broe)

Many thanks to Spoonflower for the blue sky backdrop, which is available as wallpaper, gift wrap & fabric from Koalalady’s shop.