Cutting Down On Desktop Clutter By Going For A Laptop

Cutting Down On Desktop Clutter By Going For A Laptop

Range Govindan
Dec 6, 2010

As more and more people opt for a laptop for all of their computing needs, can going for a desktop replacement laptop cut down significantly on the clutter surrounding your workstation? Keeping your workstation tidy is one of the easiest ways of being more productive. We've learned that being clutter-free lets our creative juices flow.

By choosing a laptop, it's going to be possible to cut down on the clutter. For starters, in our experience, computer towers are magnets for cable clutter. Using a laptop clears things up. Hiding away a USB hub in your desk, under your desk, or behind your desk will allow you to keep most of the cables at bay. You can also hide away most of your peripherals easier. In our experience, whenever desktops are used, peripherals are usually stacked on them or around them. With laptops, people yearn to keep things clean.

Since by definition, using a laptop as your main computer allows you to move around in your home, notably if you get tired of your main workstation, reducing the footprint of the accessories is a smart idea, as it will allow other family members to use your desk while you're away. If your computer peripherals are nicely tucked away, your workstation can be used for other things than computer-related stuff.

If you want a minimal footprint, then you shouldn't have any input accessories, like mice and keyboards, around. However, past experience proves that these devices make computing a lot easier, especially on laptops. The most comfortable laptop workstations include an LCD computer monitor, allowing you to use even more screen real estate. With your laptop lid closed, this type of workstation takes up very little space. A good tip includes using keyboards that don't have a numeric pad. This reduces their size greatly, and with wireless keyboards, they can be easily stashed in a drawer or under the desk when not in use.

A good laptop stand like the Rain mStand or the 12 South Bookarc will help keep things under control. If you keep your peripherals away from the main area of your desk, you can ensure that computer-related clutter won't overrun it.

[photos by Crazytales562 and Matt Hamm via CC license]

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