Cutting Down Online Stresses With Time Management

Cutting Down Online Stresses With Time Management

Range Govindan
Oct 22, 2010

Is social networking bringing you down? Are you getting tired of checking up on all of your Facebook "friends"? Then maybe it's time to cut down on your online Facebook time by managing your stress and social networking by spending less time on those sites. Being connected 24/7 is slowly becoming a reality for everyone with a smart phone and an Internet connection.

One of the reasons that I don't like using Facebook is that although it was a nice way of reconnecting with a bunch of people I used to know very well, it created problems. Like many people, I used to keep an open Facebook tab while I worked, relaxed, and spent time online. I no longer do so and feel a lot more relaxed. Why? Maybe it's the fact that I no longer check up on what all of my friends are doing, maybe it's because I've told most of my real friends that the best way of contacting me is via Skype, phone, or email. I still keep in contact, but ultimately, not using Facebook has relieved my stress level.

This can apply to various social networking sites as well. Ultimately, if you feel overwhelmed and stressed up by all this social networking, then it's time to cut down. One of the real problems is that sites like Facebook aggregate family, friends, work colleagues, and old acquaintances in a whole new basket. It's sometimes hard to manage, especially when you're already busy and don't want to create more work for yourself.

An easy way of managing your social networking time is check it only a few times a day, on a set schedule. Something like 3 to 5 times a day seems pretty optimal, depending on how much you depend on this. We equate this to checking your email a few times a day. This also stops you from spending hours and hours on these sites. Also restraining yourself to updates that have been recently posted instead of trawling through older content will save you time.

You also need to realize that a lot of companies now check the Facebook profiles of potential new recruits, so it's safe to say that you need to restrain yourself from posting content that would not appeal to new employers.

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