Dabney's January Cure: Week 2

Dabney's January Cure: Week 2

Dabney Frake
Jan 16, 2013

Boom. That was the sound of illness descending upon me this week and flattening me like a phlegmy pancake. I've been holding court on the sofa, surrounded by a moat of used Kleenex, cough drops and Nyquil. The death rattle in my throat would scare off even the bravest guard dog.

Unfortunately, this means that I got severely behind in the January Cure. When I checked in last week, I was merrily ahead of the game, feeling like a cheater. This week is a complete about-face, with me behind on every assignment.

Perspective: Thankfully this didn't take too much out of me. I sat in a "visitor's chair" in our living room (bottom left of the photo above); it's one that rarely gets used. While taking in the room, a couple of thoughts kept popping up. Namely, the need to create a warmer and fuller space - through plants and some well-chosen layers.

This Month's Project: We live in a converted storefront. The former display area is still intact at the base our huge windows- essentially creating a really loooong window seat that stretches the length of the wall. It's bare right now, save for some plants and our landing strip of sorts. It's been on our list since Day 1 to create some cushions for the space. Not only would it create extra seating for parties, it would go a long way towards making the place feel more comfortable and less sterile.

Framed Art: We have one piece of art in our house that was damaged in a basement flood the day after we moved it into our current house. It's a large wallpaper panel of J. Otto Seibold's A Year Supply of Turtle Wax, which was hanging in Mass Moca when we got married there ages ago. The frame got messed up (you can see it above) and it's been hanging, warped, on our wall since then. I finally contacted a framer friend and it's scheduled to be picked up (yes, it's that big) by a van later this week. It's one of the few things in this house that we really care about, so this is monumental.

Party Planning: Nope, this didn't happen. I'm still reeling from New Years and can't bear the thought of hosting again so soon. I might change my mind in a week, and if I do, I'll let you know.

Weekend Chores: Bleh. Cleaning. My trouble zone. Our kitchen isn't really dirty (thanks to Annie), but it's just not very well organized. When we moved in four years ago, we didn't take the time to really think about where stuff should go. We're blessed with tons of storage and space, but things are in weird places. Light bulbs sit next to pasta sauce, and so forth. I plunged in yesterday, wiping out cupboards and shifting stuff around, purging in the process. When did I buy sorghum flour, and why? And vases! Where do they come from? I swear they secretly breed, producing endless vase offspring. After about an hour, it felt new again and I got a big thumbs up from the missus. We celebrated with a huge steaming pot of fish chowder.

Yep, that's it for this past week.

(Images: Dabney Frake)

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