Blogging the Daily Southtown: Dadstock

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This isn’t Father’s Day. No striped ties, burnt breakfast in bed, or even children were found at the first annual Dadstock Festival. Billed as a ‘beer and food fair’, the poster promises “…a couple hours of peace and quiet (maybe).”
There are a ton of organizations and resources out there for stay at home mothers, but very little for stay at home fathers. Even kids’ classes assume the primary caregiver is Mom. Case in point: the ubiquitous ‘Mommy and Me’ classes. But what about stay at home fathers? Dad Todd Krater saw a niche, and filled it.

Dadstock was a no-kids, no-spouses chance for stay at home fathers to do a little social networking, put faces to the names they encounter on, drink a little beer, and cut loose a little.

It is a genius idea, and while this was the inaugural year, according to the Dadstock website, they are planning more events, so if you are a stay at home dad, or know one, keep that link handy.