DailyCandy’s Audria Brumberg Home Office

DailyCandy’s Audria Brumberg Home Office

Gregory Han
Feb 24, 2011

How long have you worked from home? And where is home? Describe the kind of work you do. Well I actually work full-time at the DailyCandy headquarters based in Soho. Nights and weekends are my freelance hours where I work from home. I've been freelancing on the side for three years, ever since I moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn from Los Angeles. I try to be a Jane of all design trades. So my work is a range of web design, branding and print design. At DailyCandy I'm the Lead Designer, which consists of web-design and making sure Puppy, our office dog, isn't eating human food.

Describe your style? How would you define your aesthetic? My work style depends on my clients. I always try to lean towards minimal design with a bold typographic approach. If I had it my way I would only design in black and white, but you have to make the clients happy! I'm also big on giving myself design challenges, like working with fonts I've never really explored and making them fit. In terms of my paintings, they are much more organic, fluid and unstructured. Design work can be here. Artwork can be seen here.

How do you keep your work space organized? I try to not own a lot and just be careful of what I purchase. I also use the "If I get this, I need to throw away this" approach, which stops me from accumulating too much. Also when I need more space for drawing, I can usually work on the floor.

When you set up your home office what did you have to keep in mind? Were there any particular obstacles to overcome? When I moved into this studio, I realized I couldn't fit any store-bought desk into my space without having it stick out or taking up space. So I decided I could just make my own laptop table with IKEA's VIKA OLEBY legs and a shelf. It works great for me since I work solely on my laptop.

Is there any piece of home office furniture you covet right now? String Furniture. It's like the lego version of book shelves, desks and cabinets. Anything you can think of!

What desk accessory can't you do without? On my desk, I couldn't do without my Micron pens. But in general the one thing in my place that I'm obsessed with is my Revo Heritage radio. It streams internet radio from all over the world in amazing quality.

What would you change about your work space? I need to create some kind of space, perhaps under my desk, for my scanner and light-box. Also if I could I would probably get rid of more things, if I could detach myself from them.

What inspires you? Old punk record covers, especially ones in black and white. I'm visually attracted to Scandinavian and Japanese furniture/product design and the methodology that design should not only be well-crafted but functional. And my last discovered inspiration is the photography of Karlheinz Weinberger.

Originally published at Lifework by Cerentha Harris

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