Danielle and Austin's Kitchen and Garage Remodel: Design Decisions and Lucky Finds

Danielle and Austin's Kitchen and Garage Remodel: Design Decisions and Lucky Finds

Aug 26, 2014
Our closet entry (left) and the bedroom entry from the hallway (right).
(Image credit: Danielle and Austin)
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Name: Austin & Danielle (of Forage + Fodder)
Type of Project: Kitchen & Garage Remodel
Location: Austin, Texas
Type of building: One story, Single-Family House, 1250 square feet

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Sheesh, this remodel is moving right along! Which is great news for the most part, except it definitely means that our windows are going to hold things up. We won’t be able to call in our framing inspection until they’re installed, so here’s hoping that we can work on others aspects in the meantime. The framing is still ongoing, and our plumber has started phase two of running water into the new spaces.

Bedroom entry (left) and master bathroom entry (right) with plumbing progress!
(Image credit: Danielle and Austin)

We ordered our clawfoot tub and I am beyond excited! I decided at the last second to have the hull painted matte black, and I think it’s really going pull the room together (any Lebowski fans out there?). It won’t be delivered for about two weeks, which gives us time to figure out how we’re going to get it into the house (it weighs about 400 lbs. Yowza). We still need to order the tub stopper and faucet, which is going to require a little more research on my end. Ours is a side-fill tub, so the faucet will come out of the wall, but as it turns out, ‘wall-mounted’ faucets actually mean the wall of the tub, so I’m trying to make sure I order the right item. Sidenote: every purchase requires SO MUCH research. It’s exhausting! I had no idea there were so many options for literally everything. I gave up on the toilet search for the time being because the number of specifications was dizzying. I’ll work on that more in a week or so.

The front of our house is a mess right now.
(Image credit: Danielle and Austin)
Temporary boarding up of where the garage doors used to be.
(Image credit: Danielle and Austin)

We also decided on our flooring. It was sort of a forced decision because the vendor was having a sale, but honestly, I think we needed that push, otherwise we never would’ve chosen one. While we weren’t 100% convinced at the time, we went with the lighter option because it was less expensive. A few days later, I feel really good about it, and think it will look wonderful. And although we’ve purchased it all, they’re going to hold the inventory for us until we need it.

Our makeshift walkway - we're tracking in so much dust...
(Image credit: Danielle and Austin)

We also purchased our Nest thermostat system and ordered our bathroom fixtures (faucets, shower kit, and double sinks). We’re trying to get as much in hand as possible now, so that the progress isn’t held up again because we don’t have the materials we need. I was able to find oil rubbed bronze faucets and a shower kit for a great price on Amazon, and free shipping is always a good thing.

Testing the latest paint removal option.
(Image credit: Danielle and Austin)
What we were able to get off with a chisel and a belt sander.
(Image credit: Danielle and Austin)

Also, I think we may have finally found something to get this paint off of the brick wall. At work the other day, a vendor dropped off a sample of an all-natural paint remover for one of my coworkers, so naturally I started asking questions. Turns out there’s only one retailer in town that used to carry it, but didn’t stock it anymore. Lucky for me he still had a sample size, so we tried it on a few bricks and it works! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I ordered a gallon of it straight from the company, and it should arrive next week. In the meantime, we took a belt sander and a few chisels to the wall this weekend and that worked a bit. I am beyond determined at this point to get this paint off. This week has be very encouraging!

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(Images and diary text: Danielle and Austin)

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