Danielle and Austin's Kitchen & Garage Remodel: A Few Finishing Touches

Danielle and Austin's Kitchen & Garage Remodel: A Few Finishing Touches

Renovation Diary
Oct 2, 2014
Surviving IKEA is no easy task, my friends.

Name: Austin & Danielle (of Forage + Fodder)
Type of Project: Kitchen & Garage Remodel
Location: Austin, Texas
Type of building: One story, Single-Family House, 1250 square feet

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Well well well, look who finally finished their freaking remodel. And only 8 weeks over their anticipated finish date?! I mean I’m not saying we deserve an award for our amazing project time estimation skills, but if the shoe fits…

This 'homemade' step is literally the only thing that failed us on the final inspection.

All self-deprecation aside, we are finished and it feels so good. David had to drop a cement step off in order for our current entry to pass the final inspection, but we failed because the height difference of steps can only be ⅜” and the tread depth has to be at least 10". So, rather than just shove some dirt under there for a quick fix, we decided to go ahead and level the ground and start the courtyard. The outside looks shabby to say the least, but hey, we passed the final inspection!

Laying down the weed barrier before our crushed granite is delivered.
Halfway through the granite mountain. And yes, we paid our teenage neighbor $20 to help us.

I should also mention that this week began with a ridiculous trip to IKEA… on a Saturday, I might add. If you truly want to test your marriage, go to IKEA on the weekend. Honestly, the trick to surviving such a trip is to bring snacks. When you want gently push the aimlessly meandering couple blocking the middle aisle, argue over which toilet brush holder to get, or curse in Swedish, you just take a handful of M&Ms instead, and voila, problem solved.

Starting to install the closet shelving!

We ended up getting a new mirror for the bathroom with a lower profile, and found some great window coverings for the bedroom. We looked into their shelving options, but decided to go for Home Depot’s much less expensive closet system instead. One random struggle we ran into was finding a black toilet paper roll holder. Every place that you’d think would have one didn’t, so we ended up just ordering one online. So strange.

Our laundry room became a catch-all for odds and ends. Oops.

Installing the closet shelving was pretty simple, and so were the curtains. We officially started sleeping in the new bedroom, and it only took a few nights to feel like we’d been there all along. We even bought a few plants to liven the place up! Probably the best moment of this week was when we had a cleaning crew come through the entire house and remove the dust and construction build-up. I almost cried when I came home because I hadn’t seen our house that clean in months.

Beginning to arrange these lovely new shelves!!

It took some time to reconfigure the kitchen now that we have so much more space. I think everything has a good flow right now, but we may move a few things around once we’ve cooked in it for awhile. More importantly, I’ve been playing around with how to curate these new open shelves, aka resisting the urge to buy 1,000 prep bowls from Crate & Barrel. Now we’re just doing the last few things on our punch list. Gosh, I can’t believe we’re done. It feels so good, y’all.

This is the last week of work for Danielle and Austin's renovation! If you haven't already, check out the other posts in the series to get caught up — and stay tuned for the Big Reveal.

(Images and diary text: Danielle and Austin)

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