10 Things That Say Home To Danny Seo

published Feb 22, 2019
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Danny Seo’s website, magazine, and TV show all have the same name: Naturally, Danny Seo. They also all embody the same ethos: sustainability and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The place where purpose and style meet is something we’re equally preoccupied by over at Apartment Therapy. So (naturally!) we had to ask Seo to give us some of his home essentials that don’t just stop at eco-friendly: they’re effective or stylish (or both!), too. Ahead, ten things you’ll always find in his home–starting at under $20.

10 Things That Say ‘Home’: The people might be what really makes a house a home, but great stuff can help too. We’re asking some of our favorite people what 10 things make their space feel like their own.

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“I’m an anti plastic water bottle kinda guy, so I’ve used my fair share of reusable bottles. This is the absolute best, hands down. One, it doesn’t ‘sweat’ on the outside so your hands don’t get all wet. It’s beyond durable and doesn’t chip, dent, or break apart. And the lid is seriously leak proof. I drink more water because of it! You can also toss the whole thing into the dishwasher to sterilize it once in a while. I’ve had one for a year and I swear it works like the first day I got it.”

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“All of the eco-friendly sponges of the past were kinda lame at getting all of my pots and pans clean when I was hand-washing them. Thank God for this. It has a scrubby side that really gets the job done and a soft side to wipe up things (or clean up more delicate dishes and things I just can’t trust my dishwasher to clean). It’s made from all sorts of eco-friendly materials and you can also pop it in the microwave to sterilize. They last forever, too.”

(Image credit: Wilsonart)

“I work with the Wilsonart corporation and have been spending the past few years designing a modern take on laminate surface to make it upscale, beautiful and fresh. When I looked at the laminate category (which is very eco-friendly by the way…. it’s made from recycled materials, does not mine out of the Earth like we do for granite and marble, and is applicable for LEED certification), I didn’t want to do what was already out there. So instead of designs inspired by granite, stone, marble, wood grains or solid colors, I chose striations you see in ice. Ice, as in icebergs. And glaciers. So when you blow up these cracks, it’s familiar, cool and awesome as a countertop or to cover a whole wall in a kitchen.”

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Breville The Boss Blender, $599.99 at Amazon

“I use this bad guy everyday. I also use it on my TV show. And it is the best blender, hands down, of any blender. I make this disgustingly health shake every morning with almond milk, protein powder, mushroom powders, collagen and alkalizing greens. If I just stirred that stuff together, I would probably throw up drinking it. When I use the blender, it somehow comes out tasting like a smooth chocolate milkshake.”

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“I love this guy because I can plug my coffee maker, coffee grinder and blender all into it and even have a spot to charge up my phone. And it’s cool looking and has a thick profile. This is perfect for a small space kitchen, but also great for anyone who likes to have all their regularly used small appliances always out.”

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Yamazaki Tosca Drainer Rack, $65 at Modern Love

“I found this in a little store in Frenchtown, NJ called Modern Love and it really solves what I have been searching for FOREVER: A good looking dish drainer rack! It’s just white with wood handles and wipes down so easily. So many racks are either ugly OR enormous. And this little compact guy lets me wash a plate, cup or a knife and have a pretty place for it to dry. It’s simple enough to work in any decor.”

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” I discovered the Pentair folks at a trade show and learned they are one of the biggest makers of water filtration systems for restaurants, hotels, and coffee chains. Their filter makes a Brita look like a coffee filter: it literally takes everything bad you don’t want out of your water. I’ve been calling it the Rolls Royce of water filters because it takes out all the odor, particulates, chemicals and even trace pharmaceutical drugs that may be in your water. In my old house, I had water that had a high amount of sulfur in the water that no water filter could remedy. This guy did. It costs a few hundred bucks, but the filter lasts for a year and it’s easy to install under the sink. If it’s good enough for the big coffee chains all over the world, it’ll be amazing in your home.”

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” No shocking revelation here, but these are great to clean up spills and keep the kitchen spotless. Millions of microfibers are tightly knit together and grip onto everything. But the key thing is I never toss them in the washing machine. The reason is this: when fibers separate from aggressive washing, it goes down the drain and into our aquatic waterways. Those small fibers are ingested by fish and we eat fish and then we end up eating synthetic materials. Just hand wash them in the sink, ring them out and let air dry, and you can prevent that from happening.”

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“I take a supplement every morning and being the editor-in-chief and host of a show called Naturally, Danny Seo, you are privy to A LOT of information about health and wellness products. I am drawn to MegaFood for a few reasons: they are 100% organic and use real farm fresh ingredients like turmeric, oranges, beets and rice to make their vitamins. So for folks who think nutrition needs to come from real food, here’s your solution…. your body recognizes MegaFood vitamins as food, so you also don’t get that nauseous feeling. I take a turmeric enriched one every morning and actually like how they taste.”

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“I don’t know what it is, but I am burn and bruise prone. So I keep a tube of this stuff in my kitchen drawer. It’s made with arnica flowers and it’s one of the best homeopathic personal care products out there, hands down. Whenever I see some discoloration on my skin, I just dab it on and I swear it disappears in 48 hours. And it’s not expensive to buy!”