2 Tricks From Danny Seo To Keep Your Bedroom Cleaner

2 Tricks From Danny Seo To Keep Your Bedroom Cleaner

Abby Stone
Mar 1, 2010

We spent the other morning with Danny Seo, testing out his new mattress line (more about that soon). We asked him if he could share any tips that would help our readers keep their bedrooms cleaner. He had two unusual ones we had to share with you!

Wash your feet before you go to bed: Whether you take off your shoes when you get home or leave them on, if your home is anything like ours, the floors get dusty more quickly than we have a chance to mop or vacuum them. And then you walk over them and your feet pick up dirt and dust and crumbs and then those migrate into your bed and then your bed is full of crumbs and ewwww! A quick wash before bed (Chinese acupuncture suggests that manipulating the feet may help you sleep better) will keep not only the bottom, but the whole bed cleaner.

Triple case your pillows: During the day, your hair picks up a lot of dirt and dust from the air. It also has a lot of oils, a good thing, since that's what makes it shiny, less good when they get on to your pillowcase. Triple casing your pillows means you can both keep your pillow cleaner and, by exposing a new case every few days (more often than the weekly or biweekly most of us wash our sheets), will keep the head of your bed cleaner.

[image: dml82's Flickr, with a Creative Commons License]

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