Daphne’s Word Cloud

When we wrote about creating word cloud art with Wordle recently Chelsie left a link in the comments that she had done just that for her daughter Daphne. And look how great it is! Not to mention affordable – Chelsie bought the frame for $5 and had the Wordle image professionally printed for $7.

Perhaps our favorite aspect of Chelsie’s project is that she invited extended family members to contribute words they thought described Daphne. What a wonderful keepsake for Daphne to have. As we all know, kids change before your very eyes, so Chelsie’s considering making a yearly Wordle for her daughter.

Readers of the original post suggested using Wordle to create birth announcements and birthday party invitations. What can you think of to make with Wordle? (Tip: for how to keep words together read this.)

Check out Wordle yourself here.

For a laugh, check out the creator’s response to a request (about halfway down the page) that he change or remove the font name “Sexsmith.”