Dark Water: Roosevelt Island Can’t Get No Respect

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Some apartments need a therapist, others need an exorcist. We’ve been perusing reviews for the newly-released real estate horror flic Dark Water, and Jennifer Connolly’s crib belongs in the latter category. You may never travel to the Little Apple again.

Alright, we’ll say it, there are times when decluttering doesn’t fully solve the problem.

The film is directed by Walter “Motorcylce Diaries” Salles, a Brazilian, and is based on a short story by Japanese author Koji “The Ring” Suzuki, and stars Brooklyn Heights-reared Connolly. Where do these people get off knocking the jewel of the East River? (Quick: what borough does Roosevelt Island belong to?) In any event, move over Amityville.

Bottom line: this film is not for the flower box set, but if you need to work through some issues with your Super and you have a ready supply of anti-depressents, step up. OHR