David's Not So Lazy Wacom Tablet Setup

David's Not So Lazy Wacom Tablet Setup

Gregory Han
Jan 13, 2011

Unplggd reader David Hu was kind enough to share a novel use of a common kitchen accessory to allow for easier and more flexible access to his Wacom tablet. As someone who has always loved Lazy Susans, whether it be placed under our terrarium for 360 degree access or at our favourite dim sum restaurant, we applaud this idea. Details and an additional photo below from David...

I have a tip for Wacom tablet users who, like me, need to rotate the tablet freely while sketching, but find the 'rotate canvas' tool too unnatural to use. I picked up the IKEA Snudda lazy susan and simply placed my Wacom Cintiq 12WX tablet on there and it's a perfect fit. A few great things to note about the Snudda:

  1. The Snudda lazy susan has a rubber bottom so it won't slip or shift when you rotate the tablet, even with the tablet's cable tugging from the side. Keep in mind, though, if you have the cable hanging off the side of the table like I do in the pictures, the tablet may rotate a bit while on the lazy susan.
  2. It is 15" in diameter so it'll be big enough for most tablets (I don't have the largest 21" tablet to try), but small enough to be mostly hidden.
  3. It has very smooth-rolling ball bearings so you won't have any rumbling going on when rotating, although I would still check at the store (it's not packaged in a box, so you can try it before you buy). It's also very stable, not wobbly like a fabric frisbee (that's the only analogy I can think of).
  4. Its topmost surface (surface that the tablet would rest on) is 1-3/8" off the table surface, so it's actually perfect for me in terms of drawing height. I don't have to bend over much (I had originally picked the table according to my personal seating height and chair height, though).
  5. It's only $8!

Smart, useful and not decor-intrusive. Thanks for sharing, David!

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