Day 14: Go With the Flow

Day 14: Go With the Flow

Janel Laban
Aug 20, 2013

Day 14: Tuesday, August 20
Assignment: Focus on the Flow of Your Room

You've been working quite a bit on the visuals of your room - the colors, textures and patterns. Today is a chance to take a bit of a breather and think about the physical space and your layout. A little work goes a long way here and you may be able to improve the flow of your room with just a few small shifts. Let's dig in on one of Maxwell's lessons...

Today's Assignment: Spend some time considering the floorplan of your room and how you may be able to improve the flow as part of your Cure this month.

A Lesson on Flow: Maxwell writes, "Energy can flow in one of three ways: quickly, slowly or not at all. In its natural state, energy flows slowly in a back-and-forth motion. This meandering motion can be easily observed in the movements of a snake, a flame, a river or a rising plume of smoke."

"If you create a straight path, the energy flow cannot meander. Instead, it will speed up and move very quickly. If there are too many curves or if there is no place to move, energy will slow until it stops and stagnates."

A good visual example to picture in your minds eye for this idea is a river. Where it is healthy and meandering, the water flows in a way that is peaceful and inviting to those on its shore. Not rushing dangerously and not in stagnant pools.

More from Maxwell, "Now consider your room. Imagine you open the door and let in a river of water. How will it flow? Will it rush right in and through or will it get stuck and swirl around in dead corners? Ideally it should meander around your furniture, creating paths that allow the most movement possible throughout the whole room. It should not, for example, run along one side of the room that is kept clear, while getting stuck and stagnating along the other side among furniture, clutter, and boxes. People instinctively tend to push things up against their walls and clear out the center of their rooms over time. We do this in an effort to organize or clear up, but we are only making matters worse. The resulting energy flow becomes wildly unbalanced, with fast, harmful energy running down the middle and dead, stagnant oxbows along the walls, where clutter easily forms."
  • Apply it to your space: Spend time in your room and with the floor plan that you created earlier. Layer in the idea of flow and see if your current layout is a healthy one. Consider what changes you could make to improve the flow and give them a try. There is no time like the present to shake things up and see your room from a fresh perspective!

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