Liveblogging Day 2: Outbox It!

Liveblogging Day 2: Outbox It!

Tara Bellucci
Jan 3, 2013

I'm a weird combination of hoarder and purger. I'll hold on to a lot of random stuff, but once I get on a purging streak, there's no stopping me and nothing is safe. Sometimes I even regret letting certain things go in my rush to throw out all the things. Cue the outbox — I get the satisfaction of ridding my space of clutter, but there is time to assess what stays and what goes in a no-pressure way. Outbox it!

I had no trouble deciding what my first outbox addition would be. A set of three tealight holders hung above my outbox, and I'd hated them for years. There's nothing really wrong with them; they just bore me and never really were my style. So off their nails and into the outbox they went! Boy, that felt good.

Over the next month, my battle cry will be "Outbox it!" I will tackle things I don't love or need, banishing them to the outbox, out of my space to await their fate at the end of the month. And if something makes it into the outbox that is missed, it can always be welcomed back into my home.

I'm already envisioning an upgrade to this little nook of a hallway that leads to my living room. Maybe an extended entryway? We'll see what happens later in the month!

What was the first thing you outboxed?

Day 2: Set Up Your Outbox

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