Day 3: Find Inspirational Photos For Your Home

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Hey Everyone, I’m going to include a list of great blogs that I recommend this afternoon, but I wanted to quickly share with you this amazing resource: our HOMIES competition from the past two years, with reader votes for best design blogs around the world.


Today is aspirational. It’s meant to get you thinking not about your home as it is now, but how you would LIKE it to be. This is such an important part of the process of making the perfect home because you can’t set off on a journey until you know where you’d like to go.

And again, our 20 minutes today is meant to be a start, not a finish. When you start looking at images and choosing those that you like or love, you begin to make your own vision and learn from others. Enjoy this day.

I also promised a survey, so please share with us your favorite shelter porn mags below. I’ll round them up and list them fully in our post tomorrow.

What Is Your Go To Foreign Shelter Magazine? w. 50 comments
Good Questions: A Satisfying Shelter Magazine? w. 109 comments
Who’s Your Fave? with 42 comments from 2006 (how much has changed!)

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Here’s a little extra piece that didn’t make the final cut in which I mention some other good book and web sources.

Some Favorite Sites For Great Interior Images

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