Day 6: Clean One Room

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Today’s Assignment

We’re off on week two today, with another room clean assignment. Remember, it’s not a DEEP clean (unless you want to), it’s light clean, with a focus on the floor and surfaces that get the most action. I chose Ursula’s room, which is small, but really needs a good surface clean with all the stuff she gets up to.

Feeling low energy today? Me too, but I’ve brought in help, so check out the video and let’s see if we can perk up your spirits on this late October Monday.


Emails That Came In This Past Week

Thanks to all of you who have emailed in the past few days. While this Cure is the same as last year’s (we couldn’t make 20 new films!), I want to try and mix it up a bit.

FROM 我会尽快回:


Does anyone know what this says? 🙂


hi, everyday seeing your mail is great pleasure for me, wishing you more success.

with regards

ali. from iran



i still have the flowers (edited) in my bedroom from when you were here. they still bring me joy.




C’est la tâche pour la deuxième journée:-) Au cas où tu te sentes inspiré.

Anne B.


(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi Maxwell!

I am enjoying the 20/20 Cure- it’s my first time doing it. I can see how it’s meant to instill new ways of doing things ALL the time and not just for 20 days. Last night I was laying in bed thinking about some things I can put in my outbox- at the moment, it’s a plastic bag hanging from my doorknob. Not so attractive, but it’s effective for now.

Generally I’m not a big “go buy flowers” person because of the waste, impact, and short life of flowers- but I realize that I actually LIKE having flowers in the home and can achieve it without being wasteful.

Day 2’s task inspired me to buy some beautiful bud vases from thrift and antique stores (the little blue vase was $2 and the ceramic turquoise vase was $6. I live in California where Bougainvillea grows abundantly with little more than rain water. I have a neighbor who’s bush is WAY out of control (hangs over sidewalk and one has to crouch to get by), so I snipped a sprig and put it in my new vase! See attachment [above]. The other flowers were a gift.

Thank you! Great job, I am truly loving this!! Off to replenish some eco-cleaning stuffs!


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