10 Tweets About Losing An Hour of Sleep That Have Us Yawning with Agreement

updated Mar 9, 2020
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Credit: Sofie Delauw/Getty Images

It’s the first weekday since losing a precious hour of sleep (RIP), and the internet is feeling the daylight saving struggles. Yes, there’s the manual labor of switching your clocks forward, but there’s also the longer-lasting affects that creep up on you—and Twitter didn’t hold back.

Whether it’s the placebo effect or actual extreme exhaustion, tweets are circulating about the unpopular holiday that really express how the world truly feels about daylight saving (for the most part, not that great).

See below for the Twitter reactions that are so relatable, it’s scary (and also makes us want to go right to bed):

Just tell work your bed wouldn’t let you leave—they’ll understand!

If daylight saving could wear clothes, it would be sporting Billy Porter’s iconic Grammys hat.

Hey, you’ve always got to look on the bright side!

Raising all my hands, feet…my entire body is levitating.

Hopefully by day three, the confusion is all cleared away. Optimism?

Another reminder to lighten up about losing the 60 minutes! It could be worse—you could have shaved all your hair off by accident!

The idea of doing a night shift and being on the opposite schedule as everyone else is difficult enough to comprehend. They deserve it.

But if you’re as cute as this little guy, is it really all that bad?

When you think about it, how does adjusting to a one-hour change make such a big difference? Are we possibly just being dramatic? Nah…

For all those parents out there, we hope you survived today.