Blogging The Baltimore Sun: Days of Cursive Might Be History

Blogging The Baltimore Sun: Days of Cursive Might Be History

Alejandra Valera
May 20, 2008

The internet, text messaging, voicemail -- all inventions to make our lives easier yet there is one casualty: handwriting.

As a child, penmanship was a big deal. Many hours during the school year were spent on the "art" of handwriting. We received grades on how neat our cursive was, and whether we looped and crossed our letters just so. But, is cursive really a thing of the past?

Susan Reimer discusses the days of cursive, and how they may soon go the way of the dodo in her recent article over at The Baltimore Sun.

In the article, she writes:

Teachers are more likely to spend time on keyboarding skills, and they believe their students write more and write better when they type….For some students, cursive handwriting is as much a frustration as art class….But state schools Superintendent Nancy Grasmick says she still sees the 'I'm a big girl now' excitement in third-graders when they begin to write cursive...The argument can be made that there isn't much use for cursive anymore, what with e-mail, text messages and debit cards. The lady in front of you in the grocery store who is writing a check just annoys you…But cursive writing is beautiful. And it is intimate. And it is distinctive. And it is one more refining skill that is disappearing from schools. Like dancing lessons in gym class and sewing lessons in home ec.

What about you; do you still handwrite? Are you glad it is in decline, or wish more people would handwrite?

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