DDC Bummer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This just in. We’ve put DDC on our Sales Calendar for the past few weeks, but it looks like we should be very wary of this fancy store. Gerald emailed us this frustrating story last night:

Yesterday, my designer put a table on hold for me to see and buy, it was during their floor model sale. The table had a price tag on if for $1800 and the saleswoman, Myrna, told my designer she would hold the table for my until the end of business last night.

I trudged over to the store, in the snow I might add, only to have Myrna tell me that she ran out for 20 minutes and her colleague sold the table. Then she tried to sell me the same table, new, for $3000.

She also added that the table was really priced at $2500 and that the price tag of $1800 was a mistake. I would think DDC was above the old Bait and Switch, apparently not. So they lost a customer for life, to make a few extra bucks. Shame on them!

(Thanks, Gerald!) MGR