Dealing With Big City Grime

Dealing With Big City Grime

Tess Wilson
Sep 7, 2012

I recently went out of town for 9 days, and when I returned, my white bathroom — which I'd cleaned right before I left — was covered with a pretty serious layer of grime. In a way, this made me feel better: usually I'm like, "How do I get things so dirty? Am I Pigpen?!", so realizing it wasn't my fault was nice. But in another way, I was totally grossed out…

My mom and I used to give my grandparents' country house a deep clean every summer. We would marvel at the fact that some shelves and surfaces were still perfectly clean after a year, thanks to all that fresh country air. There was a mile between each house, and a car going by was an event of interest. I live on a major street with constant traffic, so pollution is to be expected. Still, my bathroom is at the back of my apartment, away from the street, there hasn't been any construction lately, and really: ew. Obviously, the rest of my apartment gets covered in dirt just as quickly (or more quickly), but it's harder to see because the surfaces aren't all white and shiny. Knowing this makes me feel like keeping things clean is impossible, and that I'm covered in grime. It also makes me wonder if this is why I'm sick all the time…

So what do we city-lovers do? Wipe down every single surface (including walls) in our apartments several times a week? Invest in air filters? Try to score apartments on side streets in residential neighborhoods and see if that makes a significant difference? I already have lots of plants hard at work filtering the air, but it's obviously not enough.

Please share your tips and strategies so I don't get so discouraged that I just sign my lease over to the grime!

(Image: Before & After: Edgaroso's Brave Bathroom Renovation)

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