Dealing with Pets in the Home Office

Dealing with Pets in the Home Office

Mike Tyson
Oct 11, 2010

Our pets follow us everywhere. 90% of the time it's welcomed companionship but when we're working at our office, it can get ever so slightly on our nerves. Whether the cat just decided the keyboard would make the perfect bed, or the dog thinks that you're just dying to get up and play outside, pets can be a bit of a nuisance no matter how cute they are. Because of this, we've collected some great articles to help you cope with man's best friend in the workroom.

A Desk With Built in Sleeping Quarters
If you live in a small space with a dog, it's nice to have a multi-functional desk like this one with a bed built into the leg. This way you can keep your buddy close but he is no longer bothersome or distracting.

Can't Resist the Urge: Cats on Computers
If you need a place to vent about the almighty problem of cats and their affinity for keyboards, or if you simply want to see a few cute pictures of the little guys having a romp around the computer, here is your chance.

A Cozy Office Cubby for Your Kitty
If you're having trouble coaxing the kitty off the computer, providing a simple cat bed on the side of your desk as an alternative might help the problem.

Pet-Proofing Your Home Tech
If you've given up all hope about keeping the pets at bay, it might be beneficial to learn some tricks to prevent them from damaging your workspace.

The Best Pet Owner's Hand Vac: Dyson DC31 Animal Unplggd Test Lab
Picking up after your pets can be a hassle and this hand vac almost makes it fun! If you have pet hair strewn across your workspace, this might be a proper investment.

5 Ways to Make Your Office Smell Fresh & Not Funky
Finally, keeping your office smelling fresh and clean is essential in a pet-populated home. Here are some tips to keep the stinks at bay.

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