Fall Colors Contest: Enforcer!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Readers,

Because we realize there has been some confusion over certain parts of our Fall Colors Contest, we wanted to set things straight asap. If you have any more questions, please attach them to this post.

1. We will be posting entries until October 31st as well as a few on the weekends so that we can get to 60 submissions per site by then.

2. We will have 12 finalists (not 10).

3. Our 12 finalists are chosen by running all your votes through our computer brains. We are fully aware of some hacks to the system and will do our very best to offset them (we’re breaking knees).

4. Finalists will be chosen on the merit of reader’s votes alone from all of the four city sites, and will be selected irrespective of location.

5. The finals will be judged entirely by our 6 judges (to be announced soon), though readers are free to comment and influence the judges as best they can (not easy).