Death Becomes the Phone Book

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Let’s be honest. How many of us are actually using obsolete phone books as doorstops? Or as monitor shelves? Wouldn’t you rather not have them dropped on your doorstep to begin with? The people at WhitePages feel your pain. They’re the force behind the current “Ban the Phone Book” campaign… ironic, yes.

Despite the campaign’s name, WhitePages is not calling for a total ban on unsolicited phone books — there are, after all, people still without Internet. Instead, they are pushing for a more logical opt-in delivery program nationwide.

According to WhitePages’ infographic below, 18 states have practiced some form of opt-in, either statewide or countywide. In 2012, Maryland will become the first state to enact legislation that requires consumers to opt in for delivery of the white pages.

In an era of online directories and social networks, it’s silly to waste resources on printing unwanted white pages that usually end up in the trash or recycle bin anyway (or jammed under someone’s door). You can sign the “Ban the Phone Book” petition here — and hope that the yellow pages follows suit with its own opt-in program (as it has in San Francisco).

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