Debunked: 10 Green Home Myths

Debunked: 10 Green Home Myths

Being green at home has been gaining momentum, even being dubbed as a fad by some folks over the last few years. Even with all the increased attention on the movement there are still tons of myths floating around that can really paint the wrong picture about what it takes and what it means to live green at home. This Old House recently did a round-up of the 10 most common green myths and sets the record straight…

It's easy to get discouraged with so much green-washing and green-bashing out there. Here are some of the common myths out there:

Banish the Lawn: Yes, it's true that some lawns require too much water and fertilizer to be healthy, but that isn't the case for all regions or types of grass. Use a native and low maintenance grass, reduce the amount of lawn and switch to organic fertilizers and you'll still be able to enjoy a green lawn.

Compost Smells Bad: With the correct balance of carbon and nitrogen-based materials and proper maintenance of the compost heap, there should be no smell at all. Remember to avoid all meat and dairy based foods and anything oily to prevent attracting animals.

Fireplaces Make Houses Colder: When designed and constructed properly, fireplaces can act as a primary heat source. Insert fireplaces can replace old drafty fireplaces and are much more efficient because of outside air combustion and sealed doors. High mass, pellet and ethanol fireplaces are also efficient fireplaces that can create a lot of warmth in your home.

Only New Toilets Are Low-Flow: Any toilet made after 1994 was required to limit its flush to 1.6 gallons of water, which is the current definition of low-flow. There are options to be even more efficient by going dual-flush with a new fixture or retrofitting your existing toilet with a kit such as the Brondell Perfect Flush.

Get more details and read the rest of the myth list at This Old House.

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