Decking The Halls With What You Already Have At Home

We like our store bought holiday kitsch as much as the next blog, but we love the idea of “shopping” from within our homes rather than buying new decorations for every occasion. Inspired by the DIY trees that our readers crafted from scraps around their homes, we’ve rounded up a few festive repurposings to help you deck the halls.

Sad to say, our scrabble game is still in the plastic wrap that it came in five years ago! While we wait to find time to actually play the game, we’re digging the fun idea of using the pieces to create perfect festive messages.
Simplicity at its best! Snip some sprigs from your Christmas tree and add them to your champagne flutes with a splash of water. Anything this easy and elegant is always welcomed in our home!
Newspaper, old book pages (that have fallen out of course!), and brown paper bags have always been my favorite wrappings paper, and I especially love the idea of adding to the simple charm by using twine and sprigs of green as package embellishments.
After using the contents, wash our your cans, peel off the label, and poke a few holes using a hammer and large nail. Attach a handle using wire (we used metal picture hanging wire), yarn, or kitchen twine. Then, place a candle inside for perfect custom luminarias.
Using dental floss or fishing line to suspend a branch from the ceiling over your dining table, and add a little sparkle by snagging a few glittery ornaments from your tree.