Declutter For a Good Cause: Recycle/Donate Your Old Tech

Declutter For a Good Cause: Recycle/Donate Your Old Tech

Jason Yang
May 23, 2011

At a certain point we realize that perhaps after hording all the tech we've ever owned, there just may be a point where we won't ever really use again that 5'25" disk drive, 10 year old cell phone, VCR, or remote control to who knows what. We present a few great ways to clear out the storage room and streamline your life by recycling or donating your old tech for some great causes.

Plug-In To eCycling is a program run by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in partnership with corporations to promote donating and recycling electronics. They provide a wealth of resources and information on how to eCycle cell phones, televisions, and computers.

VolunteerGuide provides a wealth of information on how you can recycle or donate your cell phone to help battle the nearly 65,000 tons of toxic waste that cell phones account for each year. They estimate more than 500 million unwanted cell phones are awaiting disposal and seeping hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Computers With Causes repurposes your old computers into educational environments or other supported causes. If your donated equipment is too old they'll sell it and use 100% of the proceeds to further their charitable programs.

Cell Phones For Soldiers was amazingly started by two teenagers with $21 and has since then raised over $2 million and distributed over 500,000 calling cards to American troops overseas. They sell your donated cell phone to a recycling company to raise the funds and hope to raise more than $9 million in the next five years to fund new programs such as providing video phones to allow soldiers abroad to see their families!

The Unplggd archives presents a plethora of additional options for donating your old tech to a good cause!

(Images: Flickr member U.S. Army Environmental Command licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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