The Simple Life: 4 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

The Simple Life: 4 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Nancy Mitchell
Jul 19, 2013

Here at Apartment Therapy, we spend a lot of time talking about how to de-clutter your home. This post is a little different. Today, we're going to focus on controlling the chaos in your head. Modern life can be a little overwhelming. Maybe you feel like you're always trying to keep track of about a billion things at one time. This week's video roundup is dedicating to helping you slow down, chill out, be more creative, and enjoy the simple things a little bit more.

Current events stressing you out? It can be easy to get so used to taking in information all the time, through newspapers and the internet and your phone, that you forget how it's affecting you. From Justin Klosky, a quick tip about being mindful about when you read the news.

From Fay Wolf, everyone's favorite organizing guru: use your phone to help you keep track of things you need to keep track of with an organizing app. Here are three of her favorites.

Sometimes, you just need a break. If organizing when you take in media isn't working for you, maybe a total media blackout is worth considering. Here's a (very funny) video from one of our old home cures, where Maxwell extols the benefits of a whole day spent completely unplugged.

And lastly: this is one of my very favorite Apartment Therapy videos, because the idea behind it is so simple but so transforming. Inspired by a book he read, Stefan challenged himself to take just a few pictures every day of beautiful things he came across in the course of his normal life. Doing this for a year not only got his creative juices flowing, but it also inspired him to look at the world in a new way.

Thanks for watching! Hope you have a happy and restful weekend!

(Image: Ashley Poskin/Allison's 'All Grown Up' Townhouse)

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