Get Rid of Clutter in 14 Days with the 2023 Decluttering Cure Program

published Aug 23, 2023
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Decluttering goes beyond the act of getting rid of things you no longer need, want, or have space for in your home. It is a deeply personal action that can make you feel a wide range of emotions, from immensely proud and satisfied to emotionally drained and in need of support. 

That’s why the best way to declutter your home is to take everything step by step and at a pace you can handle. There should be parameters and guidelines in place before you even start so that you not only stay on track, but also are clear in your intentions. This will allow you to be prepared to make decisions and know when to power through, let things go, or stop and take a breather. In the end, you’ll feel so good you decluttered and hopefully build momentum for future decluttering sessions.

Ready to get started? You can take your first step to a decluttered home right now by signing up for Apartment Therapy’s Decluttering Cure. This free 14-day program is designed to help you conquer clutter in just two weeks with manageable assignments rolled out every day. 

The Decluttering Cure starts on Monday, September 18, and you can sign up right now using the email signup box below (or you can sign up here).

Get an Organized Home in 14 Days with Our (Free!) Decluttering Cure

Get 2 weeks of creative tips, tricks, and techniques that'll help you achieve a tidier home. It all starts September 18.

What is the Decluttering Cure?

The Decluttering Cure is a free 14-day program designed to help you achieve a lighter and leaner home. Starting Monday, September 18, participants will receive an assignment in their inbox — each one focused on a decluttering task that will bring you one step closer to a tidier home. 

It’ll be guided by me, Stephanie Nguyen, Apartment Therapy’s cleaning and organizing editor — and I’ve invited some exceptional guests to help. Here’s a sneak peek at our lineup of “guest cure-ators,” who’ll be sharing their expert tips throughout the program.

  • Jamie Hord is the co-founder of Horderly, a professional organizing business that aims to bring the joy of an organized home to people nationwide. 
  • Iris Miyasaki is the owner and founder of By Saki, an interior organizing and wardrobe styling business based in Seattle.
  • Michele Vig founded Neat Little Nest to follow her passion for decluttering and organizing to help unlock people from their clutter.
  • Kayleen Kelly is a professional organizer, owner of Kayleen Kelly Home Organizing & Redesign, and the creator of the CORE 4 Method
  • Rebekah Love is a professional organizer, writer, creative, and founder of Organize For Love

How do I join?

All you need to do is sign up with your email in the box at the bottom of this page or jump on this signup page. You’ll start receiving those daily assignments in your inbox, so you can put them on your calendar and plan how you’ll get that day’s task done.

What can I expect?

A tidier home in just two weeks! We begin our 14-day journey by setting up our three outboxes (an Apartment Therapy tradition!) and then laying out some ground rules for decluttering. We then move on to our dedicated projects, like decluttering that famously messy junk drawer or getting rid of our paper clutter once and for all. Finally, we finish with a little celebration. Isn’t that great?

Each assignment will either give you some instant joy (like finding your “clutter problem area”), be an easy win (like creating a clutter-free bedroom), or require you to dig in more (like sorting through your sentimental stuff). But above it all, you decide when and how long you need to complete everything. If you need to skip a day or spend extra time in one area, or you’re having trouble letting go of something, that’s OK. The Decluttering Cure process is one that you adapt and apply to your home. So take each assignment step by step, doing only what you can, because that’s what matters most.

What can I do in the meantime?

The Decluttering Cure officially launches on September 18, which is about a month away. If you’re looking for some immediate actions you can take toward decluttering your home, look no further than our Organization Awards program for the best home organizing problem-solvers. You can see all the winners here and start shopping for the best finds ahead of time so once you’ve decluttered, everything left will have a home and you’ll feel even more accomplished.

The Cure Program is a tradition here at Apartment Therapy — it happens every January, April, and September. Click here to learn more about the year-round program and when to sign up.

Get an Organized Home in 14 Days with Our (Free!) Decluttering Cure

Get 2 weeks of creative tips, tricks, and techniques that'll help you achieve a tidier home. It all starts September 18.