Decluttering: Which Supplies Are Worth Keeping On Hand?

Decluttering: Which Supplies Are Worth Keeping On Hand?

Leah Moss
Jan 26, 2011

When it comes to de-cluttering, it's often the mountains of unwieldy little supplies that demand the most mental energy since we tend to hang on to them all. It's only a matter of time before the junk drawer won't close and the medicine cabinet resembles a war zone. Thankfully, our friends at Real Simple have gone to the pros, determining exactly which supplies are worth their storage space in each area.

Real Simple addressed the four meccas of home clutter: the utensil drawer, the desk drawer, the tool kit, and the medicine cabinet (although I'll admit that at times in our house any combination of the above may be found in the black hole that is our "junk drawer"). Obviously, depending on our individual needs we may need to add a few things to each area — i.e. prescriptions — but Real Simple's lists are a great guideline for getting started. Let's take a peek at a couple areas...

Tool Box:
• putty knife
• standard flat-nose claw hammer (12 to 16 ounces) with a steel head.
• multihead screwdriver: Phillips-head, flathead, and Torx (six-point star shape).
•12-volt cordless drill
• assorted fasteners: a kit with nuts, bolts, washers, anchors, and nails in various sizes.
• C-clamp, for holding together glued pieces while they dry.
• Duct tape, for quick fixes, like patching a torn bicycle seat.
• metal tape measure that's at least an inch wide, so it won't flop when extended.
• WD-40, for loosening rusty hinges.
• adjustable wrench, instead of a set with different sizes.
• needle-nose pliers
• slip-joint pliers, which adjust to grip items of various sizes.
• crosscut saw

Desk Drawer:
• forever stamps
• personal stationery
• black permanent marker, for addressing packages.
• silver one, to use on dark paper.
• angle-tip highlighter
• correction tape
• mechanical pencils
• titanium scissors
• paper clips
• small and large sticky notes
• box of your favorite pens
• classic stapler in a bright color that's easy to spot, in case it escapes to another room.
• weighted tape dispenser

To check out the complete lists for medicine cabinet, utensil drawer, tool kit, and desk drawer with explanations about the usefulness of each item, check out the full article on Real Simple.

What would you add or subtract from the essential lists?

Images: Real Simple

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