Decoding Labels With a Chemist

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve already proved we’re in love with The Youngsters’ creative and beautiful remodeling; this time, we’re turning to them for advice on chemicals in the house. They’re at it again, bringing great information to their readers.

They brought in reinforcements to decode some of the scary-sounding compounds on the backs of their household cleaners and products, and you might be surprised to find out just what they had to say…

To get the skinny on some of the big organic compounds that should really be avoided in the household chemicals line, The Youngsters turned to Sherry’s brother Dan, who’s working toward a Doctorate in chemistry. While we’ve eliminated most of the chemicals in our household, we found his information to be super-useful–especially the part about pillows and mattresses. We always hear the “get rid of it” part, but rarely get a clue as to why these chemicals are so dangerous. Now we have some answers!

So, check out the Q&A with “Almost Dr. Dan” here for a mini-chem lesson!

Image: Young House Love, used with permission.