9 Things to Love About Traditional Décor

Since moving to the Mid-Atlantic, I have a new liking for the following: toile, the color red, blue and white paired, bronze eagle objects, framed antique-y prints, brick, American flags, rocking chairs and antiques. What else do you appreciate about the DC-Maryland-Virginia style?

Coming from the Pacific Northwest meant a shift from mid-century modern, hipster style, to more traditional, colonial-influenced style. Have you ever moved to a new place and broadened your appreciation for that culture’s décor, and then found yourself incorporating elements of that region’s style?

Tell us what else you like about the flavor of the Mid-Atlantic:

1 American flags

2 The color red

3 Pairing of blue and white

4 Bronze eagle objects

5 Framed antique-y prints

6 Brick

7 Toile

8 Rocking chairs

9 Antiques