Decor Trends We Just Can't Quit

Decor Trends We Just Can't Quit

Carrie McBride
Mar 3, 2015
(Image credit: Dan Bailey)

Some decor trends are just flashes in the pan and are "out" before you know it. But sometimes a trend comes along that has surprising staying power and the power to overcome cries of ubiquity. Here are a few examples of trends you love and continue to embrace in your homes.

Subway Tile

I found the first mention of subway tile on AT back in 2006 and while we hear a few jaded groans here and there about how commonplace it has become in kitchen and bathroom remodels, most readers still agree that subway tile (especially white) has a timeless quality and is here to stay.

Modern Pastels

We noted the growing popularity of "modern pastels" (especially mint, peach and pale pink) back in 2012 and the trend has continued to flourish as home dwellers reclaim pastels from the 80s, especially paired with crisp white.

Industrial Modern

You don't have to live in a converted warehouse to use industrial accents in your home and we continue to see this trend, especially as a way to make kitchens a bit more edgy and dramatic.

Chalkboard Paint

Everyone talks about being bored by chalkboard paint, yet it still makes frequent appearances in homes. Instead of painting a whole wall (like above), lately we're seeing more moderate uses, like the side of a cabinet or a painted off portion of a wall for messages.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have such a long tradition in the art world that calling them "trendy" doesn't quite feel right, but it really is only the last few years that they have become such a household staple. Roll you eyes, if you will, at the notion of "curating" your own little gallery at home, but, hey, all that affordable art you bought on Etsy has to go somewhere!

Pallet and Reclaimed Wood

No matter how many times readers get up in other readers' business about the "dangers" of bringing pallet wood into your home, many people still find the affordability of pallets to be irresistible. The less economic but very green cousin of pallets - reclaimed wood - hasn't lost any steam as a trend either as home dwellers mix up rustic charm with a modern, streamlined look.

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