Decor Tricks for a Big Visual Impact in a Small Apartment

Decor Tricks for a Big Visual Impact in a Small Apartment

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 3, 2015

Have a small (or small-ish) apartment? Want to create a big visual impact without taking up a lot of room (or spending a lot of money)? These decor tricks will make a big statement without needing too much square footage. (And they'll actually look great in homes of any size!)

1. Paint one key furniture piece a bold color

Color makes a big impact. You just can't get away from this fact. And if you can't (or don't want to) paint your walls, you want to apply some paint to a furniture piece so you can make a big visual impact that way. Remember it's not always about making a piece stand out with color to make a big visual impact in a room, you can use the power of paint color to make a piece recede into the background or disappear when you need function without the visual weight.

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2. Hide some elements you hate that you can’t fix

Unless you're really lucky, there might be an element in your home you don't love...but that you can't fix. In a small space, this dumb-looking element can be magnified. So for a big impact in a small apartment, spend time and energy working on disguising that element and find yourself in a space you love more.

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3. If you can drill, wall-mount all the things

Wall-mounting things like shelves and lighting saves tons of floor space in a small apartment (and therefore, tons of space in a small apartment). But wall-mounting things also makes a space feel customized and cool — creating a big impact on the look of your home.

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4. Make your own patterned curtains

Big patterns make a big and bold impact on a space. Rugs can be a little expensive. Maybe you can't paint your wall (or don't feel like painting pattern on a furniture piece). But curtains are prime real estate for pattern, because they are easily DIY-able, meaning you can splurge on patterned fabric to make your own curtains and have a big impact in a small apartment.

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5. Hang (or lean) a (big) mirror

Nothing really does more for a small space like incorporating a big, reflecting mirror. From catching natural light and reflecting into dark corners to fooling the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is, spending time and energy on this design element will do wonders in a small apartment. If you can't luck out and find a big one at a price that works for you, make a collage of smaller ones, instead.

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6. Take doors off and replace with more color and pattern

Doors and doorways can be a bummer in a small apartment, particularly if they're excessive and in the way. But by removing doors (with the permission of a landlord, of course) and replacing with a curtain (perhaps another patterned one), you open up the function of a space and allow for more possible furniture arrangements, which can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a small room.

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