Decorate Like a Globe Trotter

Maybe you can’t travel around the world in style, but you can style your world at home with vintage globes. Both graphically appealing and pleasantly nostalgic, globes bring a sense of wonder and wanderlust to just about any space.

Take the globe out of the school room and try it in the kitchen, hallway, or living room instead. Globes can be found in a range of sizes and styles, including illuminated globes or globes on floor stands. It’s easy to find cast off school globes from any decade at thrift stores, on E-bay, or at garage sales. Once you find a globe or two, how do you style them?

1. We love this clever side table made from a vintage wire laundry basket filled with and surrounded by globes in a mix of sizes.
2. This globe stand is mounted right on the wall for an unexpected point of view in Leticia and Daniel’s condo.
3. Take a cue from Post 27 and cluster big and small globes for more interest.
4. You know that useless space above your kitchen cabinets? Use it to showcase your globes like Ashley Ann did in her charming kitchen makeover.
5. This globe stands alone but still has punch thanks to the oversized print in the background.

Round up a spherical collection and get creative! Just don’t plan on using your vintage globe for a geography lesson; our retro globe has a giant, menacing country called the “USSR”.

Images: (1) Polly Painting, (2) Abby Cook, (3) Misty Adair, (4) Ashley Ann Photography, (5) Country Living.