Decorating a Colorless Rental Kitchen: 5 White Rooms With Simple, Subtle Ideas

Decorating a Colorless Rental Kitchen: 5 White Rooms With Simple, Subtle Ideas

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 4, 2014
(Image credit: Fantastic Frank)

Whatever your reasons for having an all (or nearly all) white kitchen — perhaps saddled with a drab colorless one because you rent — it doesn't have to be boring. These five nearly all-white kitchens don't need a lot of color or drastic changes to have interest. And though these kitchens might be out of the budget-range for many folks (and probably not rentals), the ideas they house are steal-able for rooms that need interest in a simple, accessible way.

Pictured above: Include lots of curated, charming personal objects
A soothing, geometric grid of crisp white tiles that goes up to the ceiling (and even hugs a shelf) combines with an authentic mix of kitchen-y things — the kind of cute elements that might inspire you to do more cooking. It feels lived in, and that's interesting. Spotted on Fantastic Frank.

(Image credit: Desire to Inspire)

Add in rustic or textured elements
You know what off-sets a sleek, one-sided, all-white, clutter-less kitchen? A giant, rustic wood island/table. When faced with a bland kitchen (or any room) adding in strong contradiction with design elements is a great direction to go in. You don't have to go this big; consider adding small DIY rustic elements that add texture to an all-white or beige kitchen. Seen on Desire to Inspire.

(Image credit: Desire to Inspire)

Incorporate small bits of color or drama in a functional way
Well the gorgeous gray veins in this marble-filled kitchen give a lot of texture, but notice what else they've done? Pops of color in a casual array of cookbooks carries your eye up high, and oversized light fixtures make a statement. Perhaps a line of your favorite cookbooks with colorful spines would be a great addition to your all-white kitchen. Or maybe a DIY lighting project that adds drama? The idea is to keep it to the functional items so it feels like a part of the space, and not like you're just trying to force color or drama into a bland space. Seen on Desire to Inspire.

(Image credit: Yellowtrace)

Add pattern or texture to the backsplash or floor
A great floor material and boldly patterned backsplash tiles with make it interesting every time, and allow you to have a fresh white color palette everywhere else. So how do you recreate this look when you don't have a ton of money and you rent? You choose easy-to-do, affordable, temporary soultions. Spotted on Yellowtrace.

(Image credit: Stadshem via Simply Grove)

Maximize small, temporary design details like plants and pulls
This kitchen has white walls, almost-white wood floors and white cabinets. But it's not boring at all! Pops of lively green are spread around the room with a variety of beautiful plants and the dots of natural color from the cabinet handles is a surprising rhythm of interest in the space. Plants are easy to add in any space (even low-light ones!) and while you might not be able to change the cabinetry, switching out cabinet pulls is an easy and temporary aesthetic update. Seen Stadshem via Simply Grove.

What do you think an all-white or colorless kitchen can do to make it more interesting?

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