Decorating Bloopers and Blunders

Decorating Bloopers and Blunders

Misty Adair
Dec 15, 2009

Risk taking in decorating is usually encouraged, but when it comes to risking life and limb for the sake of decorating, it's wise to think twice. We were reminded of this recently while digging out the ladder in the garage in order to hang Christmas lights.

As we surveyed the remains of home improvement projects past, half used paint cans and crusty paint brushes brought back memories of decorating mishaps that are really too humiliating to share. Yet, for the sake of learning from past mistakes and looking towards the decorating future, we (or actually I) will share our best blunders. These episodes remain part of the home improvement lore around my household and though I have had many decorating successes, I have yet to live down these DIY mistakes:

1. When cleaning up after painting a buttercup yellow room in our first townhouse, I had trouble pulling the paint roller tube off the handle. I tugged with all my might, pulling the tube straight down, and it finally came off. I did not account for the backlash, and the roller handle rebounded to hit me dead in the middle of my forehead. I had a red bump on my noggin for two days. My dear husband still refers to this as the "unicorn incident".

2. In our second home, I was overcome with a nesting obsession and was relentless in my decorating attempts. One day my husband came home from work to find me standing on the kitchen counters painting the upper cabinets. Did I mention that I was seven months pregnant? At least I wore a mask.

3. In our next house, we had this odd spot above a short set of stairs that needed to be painted. The walls were textured in a way that required using a paint brush rather than a roller extension. The ladder just would not fit. Our genius solution? I sat on my husband's shoulders while he stood on the stairs and we balanced in that manner until the job was done (we do not recommend this solution). He struggled not to tip over while I strained to reach above my head. I think I had to cling to the crown molding at one point. My husband had visions of CSI detectives trying to recreate the scene of our deaths with yellow tape outlining our sprawled, paint splattered bodies. Later, the detectives would say to themselves, "That can't be what happened, because no one is that stupid."

So, take risks with paint colors and fabric patterns, but leave the crazy climbing to Santa, his elves, or people with the appropriate equipment.

What decorating mishaps have made you wiser, or a little less foolish? What was your least brilliant or most embarrassing DIY moment?

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(Images: Santa by Flickr member Ian Carroll, Paint Mess by gesika22 for use under Creative Commons)

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