Decorating For Your Dogs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ah dogs. Man’s best friend can be furniture and decorating’s worst enemy. How to find a happy medium for pet owner and pet alike? Here are some suggestions via Country Living Magazine

    Upholstery: Consider performance fabrics. Crypton Super Fabrics, developed by two dog lovers, offers a range of fabrics from washable twills to suede. Within the line, Weimaraner photographer William Wegman even has his own collection of comfy textures, many featuring dog motifs. Other choices: Sunbrella Fabrics and Waverly’s Sun-N-Shade collection.
    Carpeting: You don’t have to live carpet-less. If you go for a rug, pick a color that hides dog hair. Chose cream for a light colored dog; red for a dark haired dog. Keep a paw towel by the door to wipe your dogs’ paws. Invest in a good vacuum and good stain removers and deodorizers: Oreck’s dry powder and spray-on treatment, Nature’s Miracle, Bissel products, and Febreze Fabric Refresher are all products to try.
    Keep the bed free of dog hair: Spread a throw on top that can be quickly washed or changed. You might want to stick to white bedding that can be easily bleached.
    Safety-proof your home for your pet: Remove breakables from low tabletops and shelves. Remove poisonous plants, lock up chemicals and organize your wires and cables. You might also want to install locks on low cabinets and add baby gates to cordon off any off-limits areas. You can learn about pet-proofing at American Humane
    Keep Your Pet Happy: Keep your pet supplied with fresh chew toys, teach him to sleep in his own bed, and toilet train him and it’s likely he’ll reward you by not destroying your furniture.


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