The Things Only Close Friends Will Tell You About Your Home

The Things Only Close Friends Will Tell You About Your Home

Dabney Frake
Oct 26, 2015
(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

Sometimes it’s up to the people closest to us to tell us the real deal, or to stage a friendly style intervention when we can’t be objective about our own space. In response to your question, “what do you think of the new room?” they’ll tell it like they see it, instead of spewing platitudes. And sometimes it makes sense to listen and incorporate their advice into your own thinking. Here are the things only your best friends have the guts to tell you.

You Need Color

In your decorating fantasies, a bright green velvet sofa plays a central role, and deep blue walls surround you in comfort. But when it actually came time to pull the trigger on your real home, you were so worried about going overboard that you wound up overcompensating and now there are neutral shades for days. Yes, everything is practical but instead of getting sick of a dramatic paint job after five years, you’re already bored today.

Your Furniture is Too Match-y Match-y

Stylish spaces have a mix of elements, but still maintain an overall style that holds a room together. In your case, time was tight, or you weren't sure what worked with what, so you bought everything in one fell swoop. The problem now is that your living room looks like page 11 of the Pottery Barn catalog.

Your Furniture is Overwhelming the Space

Either you have too much and you need to get rid of some extras, or your furniture is the wrong scale and it’s simply too large for the space. As it is, it feels like a giant living in a dollhouse that's overstuffed and claustrophobic. Some people can just FEEL it; the rest of us have to measure. A 75-inch long sofa may sound perfect — until you get it in your space and realize that 75 inches is way too big (or way too small). To get a true idea of how a piece will feel in your space, create a mock-up. Don't neglect vertical dimensions, too.

Your Style is Too Impersonal

What's a home without the things you love, or the evidence of memories and experiences that you've accumulated? Surrounding yourself with things that mean something translates into an internalized and unshakable sense of style that will show through in your space. The easiest way to remedy this is with things like art, which you can layer in over time rather than dramatically change what you’ve already got going on. Pick out what you love, collect stuff from your travels, and customize what's you've already got.

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