Decorating Mistakes You Might Be Making At Home (& Our Best Advice For How To Fix Them)

published Dec 26, 2017
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While everyone has their own vision when it comes to their living space, sometimes the finer details get a little hazy and we end up making home decor mistakes we’re not entirely sure how to fix. From being confused about how to hang curtains properly to not being sure how to tackle entryway clutter, we rounded up some common mistakes you might be making at home (and how to fix them.)

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Playing It Too Safe

While it’s important to make a room feel cohesive, you don’t want to completely sacrifice your personality for function. If you keep choosing things for the sole purpose that they “go with everything,” you might end up with a room that doesn’t excite you.

In order to avoid that, designer Summer Thornton says you need to step back and think of what you want from the room as a whole. How should it look? How should it function? And most importantly, how should it feel? This will create a purposeful space. She shares in Pro Designers On the Most Common Decorating Mistakes (and How To Fix Them), “I’m in the beginning stages of remodeling my own house right now and my guiding principle is romance. If it isn’t romantic it’s out!”

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Choosing the Wrong Colors For Rooms

Choosing a color for a room is difficult, and there’s a lot to consider before you pull the trigger: Is it too bright or harsh? Is it too matchy-matchy? Does it create a cohesive home? Are we considering the light in the room? In 10 Common Color Mistakes You Should Stop Making, we consider all of these questions and tackle how to avoid making those mistakes.

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Limiting Your Bedroom Lighting

Limiting your bedroom to only one lighting option often times leaves the room too dim, and doesn’t take into account all the activities you do in that space. In 5 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Might Be Making (& Their Fast Fixes,) we look at all of the angles. Do you like to read? It would be helpful to get a nightstand lamp or sconce. Do you have a full-length mirror in your bedroom that helps you make the final decision about outfits? Your bedroom light should be bright enough where you can see your reflection properly. Do you work at a desk by the window? You should have a desk lamp available where you can burn the midnight oil.

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Hanging Your Art Wrong

Have you ever hung up a new painting, stepped back, and felt like something was…off? In The Dos & Don’ts of Hanging Art: An Illustrated Guide, a designer shares illustrated tips on how to get that perfect arrangement. Suggestions include measurements for perfect “house height” (which is 57-60 inches from the floor,) how to make differently sized frames feel cohesive (align all of them from their center points,) and making a gallery with a grid format if you like a more organized look.

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Having a Cluttered Entryway

Whether you have a spacious entryway or a non-existent foyer, clutter at the front door is a common mishap no matter your living situation. In order to nix it in the bud, IKEA Hacks to Rescue Cluttered Entryways shares organizing ideas on how to store the mess in attractive ways. Tips include hanging baskets from coat pegs if you have little to no space, to upgrading entryway cabinets by creating handles with old faux-leather belts.

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Hanging Your Curtains Wrong

It seems like hanging up a pair of curtains would be easy, but there’s a science to it. An expert decorator walks you through her best tips in The Dos & Don’ts of Hanging Curtains: An Illustrated Guide. Tips include opting for longer rather than shorter curtains to make your space feel bigger, using a longer rod so your curtains don’t stack in front of the window, and not to skimp on panels that lie flat when closed.

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Investing in the Wrong Carpet Size

Not sure if a rug is too big or too small for your room? How To Pick the Perfect Rug Size for Your Room helps you crack the code. For living rooms, you want to skip rugs that only cover coffee tables, for dining rooms you want a statement rug that extends further than just the chairs, and for bedrooms you want a rug that covers the sides of your bed, and not the foot of it.