Amy’s Rooms: Decorating With Playful Details

While we can certainly appreciate the aesthetic appeal of tailored, formal interiors, the rooms that really make us swoon also have a certain playfulness or whimsy that’s missing from many published interiors we come across. Of course, it takes a good editing eye to avoid getting overly cute. From what we can tell, Amy Hanson is pretty much a master of the art of playful décor, so we’re sharing some photos of her home’s details. Here’s what we learned from Amy about decorating with a sense of play…

Often it’s the little things that bring a sense of playfulness into a home. Here’s what we learned from the fun details in Amy’s rooms (photos from left to right):

1 Using unexpected items as furniture, like this sled Amy has put to work as a coffee table, creates a relaxed and quirky vibe. We also love the idea of setting out a little tray of toy tops for guests to play with. (Amy has two children, so we imagine there are always plenty of takers for those tops.)

2 Typographical signs can be fun because they feel slightly out of place in a residence. Here, the “2” makes a sweet statement above a couple’s bed.

3 Light shining through patterned paper makes any room feel like a party. Amy hangs pretty lanterns in a few of her rooms, but we love these parasol lights from her studio best. They might not work in every space, but for a creative workspace we think they’re great.

4 To lend your home cozy warmth, create nooks and crannies using room dividers of various kinds. Amy uses a hinged shutter in her studio.

5 Of course it’s easy to go overboard with this, but mixing and matching painted furniture can be a great way to lend your dining area or kitchen a sense of play. We love that pop of red against the blue curtain.

For more shots of Amy’s home, visit her Flickr page, or check out her blog, Sweet Sweet Life, for crafty inspiration.

(Images: Amy Hanson)