Decoupage Sewing Patterns from April & August

Decoupage Sewing Patterns from April & August

Kathryn Wright
Aug 31, 2010

Helen Kulstad's adorable sewing pattern collages are perfect in any room. Using sustainably harvested wood and recycled or Green Seal-certified paper, these pieces would bring added inspiration to any sewing, crafting or art space. In particular, I love the pieces where locally-sourced Ponderosa Pine grain shows through the color blocks, lines and text of the vintage patterns.

Helen is yet another example of a fabulous new mom venturing into handmade design. With a three-year-old son, four-month-old daughter and a part-time job, she somehow finds time to make her cute and quirky collages. The materials used in these pieces include sustainably harvested wood, recycled and Green Seal certified paper, and in some cases scrap wood from a company that makes bookcases—added inspiration for Helen, an avid reader and book lover.

Helen's inspiration comes largely from a lifelong love and fascination with fashion. After 16 years in the fine paper industry working with some amazing graphic designers, Helen was able to take this experience and apply it to her personal work. A self-taught artist, her love of tactile work and the euphoria that comes with getting lost in music while making something with her hands motivates the pieces in the April & August Etsy shop.

Helen's pieces are available through the April & August Etsy shop and start at $20.

"I believe one should think deeply about their consumption and what the real cost/impact to our world is for every buying decision one makes. One way in which I'm doing that is by trying to re-purpose goods and get the most use out of an item and to find new, imaginative ways to use things that might otherwise be discarded. I love the mark of true craftsmanship that comes from things made by hand."
Helen Kulstad
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