Which is Better — the Design or the Food?

I took a tour of W Hollywood’s Delphine Eatery & Bar, a French inspired restaurant, but never got the chance to test out the menu. Silly as it may seem, I know I have sometimes dined in well designed restaurants strictly for the atmosphere rather than the food. Choosing a restaurant should be based on the enjoyment of the taste buds, while the design simply adds a pleasing visual element.

At Delphine, we could have a little fun and compare design elements with particular items on the menu. For instance, does the savory taste of the Mushroom Ravioli live up to the distinctive bookcase with its custom moldings, unique accessories, and worn books? What about the Granada tiled floor compared to the Apple Hazelnut Crostada?

When you are choosing a restaurant, how much does the design come into consideration?

Images: W Hollywood