Dainty by Design: Terrariums by Lítill

As much as I love the idea of a terrarium, I’ve never been able to keep one going past a single season. Once the dry winter months hit, I either overcompensate with too much water or underwater to avoid clouding up the glass. But these beautiful, desert-inspired terrariums by Lítill have convinced me to give it another try.

Reminiscent of New York artist Paula Hayes‘ terrariums, but on a smaller scale, Lítill creates biomorphic hand-blown glass vessels containing an array of sculptural, slow-growing plants suitable for arid environments.

Lítill terrariums are sold as kits ranging from $225-$500, which includes the container, sand, and a selection of air plants, succulents, and cacti. Of course, you could also take a cue from their use of color and form in designing your own tabletop desert scape.


Images: Lítill