Ha Ha Ha: Laugh Out Loud Design Blogs

Ha Ha Ha: Laugh Out Loud Design Blogs

Catrin Morris
Feb 13, 2012

Let's face it: It is easy to take design and decor Very Seriously. It is easy to get caught up in design and beauty and personal aesthetics and forget to do one very important thing: To laugh. Because if design and decor are ultimately about the way we live; the homes we live in. Design is about people. And people need to laugh at themselves. If we forget to see the lighter side of design we are doomed! Here are a handful of design blogs that provide some seriously funny and snarky comic relief:

My Favorite and My Best. Crass. Rude. Sarcastic. Opinionated. Jenny has a mouth like a sailor and she is F***ing HILARIOUS. And she has great taste, too!

• Jenny at MFAMB turned me on to Modern Sauce, a sassy smart blog from Lacy, who says of herself: "I'm a 30-something textile designer who loves inspired living and fancy things. Unfortunately I'm cheap, lazy and easily distracted. Watch as mediocrity ensues!"

Design Crisis is another funny, self-deprecating blog with a terrific sense of style. Here's a recent entry: "What I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry I'm such a crap blogger. I have great hopes of being better in the near future. But the future is later so in the meantime, look at these random pictures and let me tell you about my adventures."

Me, You and a Weiner is a laugh riot. Some good DIY and a lot of swearing--don't let your grandma read this one. High-larious.

• Currently a bit of a viral phenomenon is a blog called F*** Your Noguchi Coffee Table. Given that each of us is reading (or, in my case, writing) Apartment Therapy posts, this little Tumblr snarkfest may hit just a tad close to home! But, lighten up, people. If you can't laugh at interior design and you can't laugh at yourself you are in big trouble.

Catalog Living is dedicated to making fun of the pretentious and implausible staging that goes on in catalogs.

• This rude post is from McSweeney's. It's just one post: McSweeney's isn't a design blog. But it is funny.

Ugly House Photos. Feel badly about your home and your style? Check out this blog and you'll feel oh-so-pretty and together. Completely elitist and completely funny.

Have any funny favorites we should know about? Let us know in the comments...

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