This App Lets You Design Your Own Custom Rug

published Jun 17, 2018
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(Image credit: SKONNE)

Rug shopping can be such a hassle. Rugs are important because they can tie together a room perfectly. However, just having one color that is slightly off in your rug will totally throw the entire room out of whack. If you are very detailed-oriented and want colors to match perfectly, rug shopping can really get you down.

Even when you aren’t trying to match colors perfectly, you still need all of the colors in the room to work with the rug. If it is your living room, you need to rug to work with the coffee table, the couch, the chairs, the bookshelf, the TV stand, and more. Is there ever a rug that does all that? Well, now you don’t have to keep searching, you can just create your own!

You can use to SKONNE Carpet Creator to achieve the exact look you are going for. The company was founded in 2017 with creative, specific people in mind. It is meant to help shoppers achieve the aesthetic they were looking for, but could not find in stores.

The SKONNE’s website states:

Objects that are durable and distinctive enrich people’s lives by adding value to their surroundings. When objects are part of an interior space that reflects your personality, this contributes to simply being at ease in it. Needless to say that in particular custom products offer complete freedom in the way a room is composed. These products match one’s identity the best. The carpets that arise from the Carpet Creator are part of an infinite collection, yet each carpet is unique and a reflection of one’s particular taste.
(Image credit: SKONNE)

You can use SKONNE’s Carpet Creator by using their app to search through their existing patterns and designing the rug to your liking. Based on your selections, you will need to preview the final product in order to see the price.

Right now, there are four designs to choose from, three rug shapes to pick from, three different colors, and two options for the finish of the rug.

What room would you design a rug like this for? We think these rugs are perfect for living and dining spaces. You can create your own by starting on SKONNE’s website/app.