Design Dilemma: Picking Curtains After Merging Households

Design Dilemma: Picking Curtains After Merging Households

Colleen Quinn
Nov 12, 2010

One of the happy elements of my move overseas is the fact that my husband and I are now living together for the first time in over six years of marriage. All those years of separate households have created a few design dilemmas, but the one that is most pressing right now is trying to select bedroom curtains that work with our completely different sets of bedding. Though the easiest solution would be to get rid of one set, we are each rather attached to our individual bedding and so would love to find an alternative that works for both.

My husband had red curtains in Florida with the striped bedding, and I had mushroomy brown ones in DC with the damask bedding — but now we need to try to find one set of curtains that will work with both sets of bedding. Curtains are essential because our bedroom is located in the front of our one story house so everyone walking by can see right in; we currently have extra bedsheets hung up to create some privacy, but would like to find a more permanent solution before our worldly goods are delivered at the end of the month.

Ideally we would like to find light-blocking curtains because the sun here is pretty bright in the morning and there are no shades on the windows. What do you think readers — is there a perfect solution out there, or is someone going to lose this bedding battle? All and any ideas/suggestions welcome!

Images: Colleen Quinn

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