Jeffrey Eyser & Alexis Karpf Take Over the Bad Girls Club

Jeffrey Eyser & Alexis Karpf Take Over the Bad Girls Club

Bethany Nauert
Aug 1, 2011

Jeff Eyser and Alexis Karpf are making their way into the world of reality television set design and decoration. Creating an elaborate set for Season 7 of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club, here is an exclusive look at the quirky and fun home they created on the set down in New Orleans.

With a company name like Flip This Bitch, you can imagine that Jeff and Alexis are not necessarily traditional in concept or design. Both designers understand how to create an eccentric and fun home that remains practical and easy to live in. Together they union these skills and bring them to reality television. For the set of Bad Girls Club they took a really awesome approach to the house, weaving a bit of New Orleans throughout each room. Their use of color and decor really appeal to the camera and add personality immediately. Sourcing from places all over, from Restoration Hardware to the local vintage shop, their goal was to evoke a mood for each room (and each episode.)

Regarding the concept for the New Orleans set:

"This season of Bad Girls Club we really wanted to take reality show house design to a new level of style and substance. We researched the essence of New Orleans for weeks prior to design to get a real sense of what the city was about outside of Boubon st. What we found was an awesome pallette of rich textures and colors. The overall theme of the house is a mixture of distressed vintage and glossy modern. Approaching any project we like to bring something new and exciting to the table. We're constantly striving for new and creative ways to use materials and objects in different ways. This season some of our proudest moments lie in the custom made bar, the dining room made to look like a street, and the steel atrium phone room. In addition to infusing a "home made chic" style into the series, we had to keep in mind the overall brand of the Bad Girls Club. After 6 seasons the show has garnered a large fan base which, arguably, are not tuning in to witness the latest in set design, but do have a level of visual expectations. I'd like to think we achieved a merge of hip design sensibility with the brand that millions have grown to know and love."

Flip This Bitch, their design syndicate, is a mix of humor, wacky concepts and thinking outside the quintessential box. "Flip this Bitch is an idea that was birthed from the very essence of what we do in Reality Show homes and segments: Take a space that is completely predictable and transform it overnight into a space that is exciting and unexpected. We always have a lot of fun putting together a house for a TV show and we find our personalities feed off of the humor in our design and how it all comes together." Each season is a whirlwind of constructing a space, "The stress of putting a house together in limited time allows us two choices: to be anxious and overwhelmed, or to be completely hilarious. We always choose the latter, and Flip this Bitch condenses that, puts it in a blender and feeds it to your face. Sharing our experience of what goes on behind the scenes through our Twitter account, FaceBook Fan Page, Website and Blog, is just our way of saying "Hey, stuff goes on before the show airs, and we're funny too."

What are Alexis' contributions to the design?
Alexis and I have a very collaborative relationship when it comes to designing reality show houses. We tend to spend lots of late nights brainstorming and feeding each other booze.

What are yours?
I come up with the general idea for the design direction and do all the sketches for our clients.

Do you ever have completely different ideas or are you usually on the same page?
We work so well together not only because we consistently have the same ideas, but we communicate with each other telepathically. Sometimes I have to smack her around, but for the most part our ideas are conveyed through clicking noises and facial expressions.

You can catch Bad Girls Club on Oxygen Monday nights at 9pm, starting tonight!

Images: Jeff Eyser, Alexis Karpf and Steve Ezell, all courtesy of Oxygen

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