Inspiration: Beautiful Centerpieces for Your Holiday Table

Whether you’re serving Sunday supper to a few guests or Thanksgiving to 25, your tablescape should nod to your celebration and welcome your family and friends. From color to texture to whimsy, here are 15 simple and natural tabletops that provide inspiration. Read on for what it is we love.

1 Wrapped in dried cornhusks, these votive candles shine a glowing warmth. An easy How To, we are reminded that corn was a part of the first Thanksgiving feast.
2 The varying heights and colors of these candles are inspiring to me. They make the table setting interesting without being stuffy. But be careful not to block your guests’ views from those sitting across the table from them—you want to promote conversation among your guests, not stifle it.
3 Bring dried pods, berries, and buds inside from your garden and give them a second life as fall decor. Show off their beautiful long stems in tall glass vases. These arrangements can take center stage or can adorn your serving table.
4 Turkeys perfect for the kids table! Follow the DIY instructions for these little birds.
5 Reuse the hurricanes you adorn your outdoor patio with during the summer by filling them with brilliantly colored fall leaves.

6 Letting the tastes of the season be the star of the table is so easy and festive. Formalize your gourds by placing them in a porcelain bowl or crystal serving ware.
7 Bring your radishes and root veggies to life! Perfect for a casual tablescape or for the kiddies’ table.
8 A Mayflower centerpiece is a great DIY craft for a kids table. Fill the boat with candies or nuts and make miniature ones for place cards.
9 This table decor is just so simple and elegant. The bright green of the apples livens the table while leaving plenty of space for serving dishes.
10 Golden berries and red leaves are always a winner during the holiday season. See what’s available outside your home, then decide if this is the path for you.

11 GIVING THANKS for friends and family. Using felt to wrap your candles, make sure to leave enough room for the candles to burn. Simply cut out letters (using a template or stencil) and attach them to the felt-wrapping to complete this handmade craft project. What a wonderful compliment to your homemade dinner.
12 The most formal of the table settings shown, the deep reds of this scape bring an element of festivity and seasonality that could otherwise be seen as stuffy. Here the designer contrasts the bouquet’s organic quality with an oversized diamond place card—it’s a little much for my taste.
13 While red is the color of the season, this table setting can be used year-round. It’s clean and easy going, while very elegant. The simple vases show the host’s formality and appreciation but are just so friendly and down-to-earth.
14 Serving too much food on the table to include much decor? Spruce up your color palette with a little ribbon and tree trimmings.
15 The elegance of white and gold is timeless. This setting’s silver dollars soften the formality of the gold leaf while the glass candlesticks and translucent glasses add texture to this tabletop for interest and sophistication.